"Nothing is trash" 

This is the philosophy I live by and practice in my own little business called "Coffewear"-I produce, promote and sell hand-made bags, wallets, tobacco pouches, bags, and backpacks, from used coffee packaging and other recycled materials all over Europe.

 All my products are colorful, waterproof, vegan, unique, durable and eco friendly, and of course they are smell inside like fresh roasted coffee!  You will feel good about using them!

Coffee and packaging

Two billion cups of coffee are drunk around the world every day. Over the past 15 years, consumption of the drink has risen by 43%. The packaging of the beans are still not eco-friendly, and often not even trying to be. The most common package is a mixture of aluminium and plastic which are difficoult to be recycled. It is not a solution to stop using  plastic and aluminium packaging and take-away cups. The idea of changing the pollution is to stop transfer the coffebeans in packages, and change to different holders like glass and metal boxes what are not single-use.

Coffewear is working with wasted single-use packages and materials as contribution to saving the Earth and our beautiful nature from plastic pollution. 


Environmental organizations point to the thousands of trees killed in the construction of billboards each year. Traditional roadside billboards are constructed of long pieces of tree wood, with signage also made of wood. Additionally, the posters placed on the signs re typically printed on paper manufactured from tree wood.

Appreciating natural beauty is the first step towards conserving our scenery and protecting our natural resources.  

Wallet and card holder

  • The wallets are super light wight because of the special material, which is a mixture of aluminium and plastic, or paper. They are waterproof, collapsible and each one is unique. 

  • Different sizes and types can be ordered, focusing on the option of personal wishes, and creativity.