Why is recycling so important ?

There are many good reasons to add recycling to your routine, ranging from personal reasons to gaining a competitive advantage as a corporation.

Recycling your waste makes you more responsible in the way you use products and dispose of them. It is evident from studies that people who do this instinctively cut down on buying unwanted things from the supermarket. They consider how to dispose of the packaging and the product after use before even making a purchase As a result, people end up saving a considerable amount of money while saving the planet. 

Individuals, governing bodies and companies can take pride in minimizing their waste and decreasing global environmental damage, and making this Earth a better place to live on. It is a direct contribution that everyone can take part in. 

Recycling creates jobs, and in this way it does not only protect the environment but also fuels the economy at the same time. And  what could be more appealing in the tough economic times of today than getting people into employment ?